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Vegan + Vegetarian Food

Since first year we have just vegan and vegetarian food on OEF and we'll continue in this blood free tradition forever. Do you ask why? I'm long-time vegan myself and this life style is something very important for me and I really can't support the bloody business even on festival that I organize...animals can't thank you but I can can and I do : thanx to all people that support this idea and will be vegans and vegetarians even for this one weekend, enjoy our food and support animal rights...

There are lots of places to eat around and in between the two venues like pizza shops and simple shit like that, there will also be food available from the Bendigo Hotel that will be supplied by "Lord of The Fries" for all the Vegans, or people who simply don't mind a change from eating meat. We are also in the process of trying to have a taco truck positioned between the venues on both nights.