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As Obscene Extreme Festival this year expands worldwide and goes from Europe to Mexico to Indonesia & Australia we have to think can it work? A European festival being transported to not only different countries but entirely different continents. Who better to ask than grindcore stoner rock Aussies Blood Duster right? Hailing from Melbourne, having experienced OEF first hand in Czech Republic and taking part in the very first OEF Australia we get to grips with what the festival is all about and what Australia is in for!


This year marks the 15th anniversary of the festival and OEF is going worldwide! And not just to one or two countries around Europe but to 4 different corners of the globe, Indonesia, Mexico, Australia and the ‘motherfest’ in Czech. What do you think of the idea? A little ambitious perhaps?
I think it’s fucking cool, hopefully it becomes the premiere world heavy/grind fest and kills all the commercial bullshit that is out there.

Blood Dusterwill be one of the first bands to play OEF Australiahow does that feel?
Feels good, we are honored and look forward to playing, we’ve done Czech a couple times before and had a fucking awesome time every time. It’s the best.
You can dress like a grindcore banana!

How about we change that question to “Are you in love with Curby [the festival organiser]?” my answer: No fucking way his cock has too much fucking metal in it, how the fuck does he get through airport security when he goes to these other countries? Does his dick set off the metal detectors?

[Laughs] What memories do you have of Czech?
Getting wasted with lots of friends in bands that we have known for a long time, its like a gathering of friends really, all the people I know all over the world getting together and acting like retards and playing the music we love. It’s good.
Too many memories really… the Captain Cleanoff/Blood Duster unholy alliance at OEF a few years ago was great, buying a keg of beer for the hotel and having a ball with Napalm Death and getting licked by monkey man Kevin Sharp and drinking with Danny Lilker.

So what should Australia prepare for when OEF lands in Melbourne?
Australia hasn’t had a fest like this before and although it will be run in venues as opposed to an outdoor thing, I think it will be great. I know people will have a great time.

I think what the organisers are doing is trying to bring a European festival and the whole package, atmosphere, vibe, etc. with it. What do you think? Can it succeed? Or does it need the European people?
It doesn’t need European people it needs to be outdoors, one day I’m sure it will be but for the moment it has to be a little different, as Curby says: “fucking police state”. And to an extent there are too many rules in Australia right now, especially around drinking and the great outdoors.
But that said the fest is set up a little different to a normal show, it will be a lot of fun for everyone into grind and extreme music.

Festivals in general are getting bigger by the year, the risks are getting higher and higher and we’re seeing the bubbles pop every now again, SonisphereUK for example… One thing about OEF is that they’ve never relied on sponsors, just the fans; everything is 100% DIY & underground. I don’t know about you but that says a lot to me about the strength of the underground. Any comments?
Well any kind of sponsorship in an artistic scene brings compromise and it doesn’t make sense to compromise something as pure as a fest like this. It would be good to have money injected to make things bigger but at what cost? I think we should aim to keep commercial interests out of our lives as much as we can. I don’t want to be part of an energy drink fest, that has nothing to do with the music I like.

What’s interesting is that OEF is a vegan festival! I’ve never known of a vegan metalfest before… maybe you could enlighten me to any others as you’ve been on the road a lot longer than I have…
Vegans think the food if fucking great, I think its fucking average, but, it’s there and its only a few days a year so who gives a fuck? The politics are sound and it makes sense to me to do what you want. ItsCurby’s fest and he doesn’t believe in that shit so good luck to him. He is standing up for his political/moral beliefs and I think he should be commended for doing what he thinks is right, more people should do the same and the world would be a better place.

And finally what will Blood Dusterbring to OEF this year?
We will bring ourselves, live is the only place you will be able to hear songs from the new album. As you know it is unlistenable so it makes the live experience that much more interesting.

Thanks for your time!
Thanks for the interview, hope to speak to you again next year! Long live OEF.